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Thank you for viewing our homepage. If you would like a cost estimate, please complete the right-hand side mail form. We will try to respond the next day by E-mail or phone, but if you have had no response after several days it may mean that we have not received your request. Should this happen, we politely request that you send us an E-mail directly.
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Customer information will be handled with the utmost care.

An E-mail which a customer receives from us is intended to answer that customer’s particular inquiry; it should not be given or forwarded, in part or whole, to other parties.

Depending on the customer’s request, we may prefer to make a phone call or send a letter rather than send an E-mail.

Should a customer’s E-mail address be incorrect, if there is a system failure, or if a non-regular format is used in the mail form, we may not be able to reply to the request.

If half-size kana or non-regular characters are used in the mail form, you may not be able to send it.

This screen can be accessed for 60 minutes after being opened; after this any data already entered in the mail form may be lost.

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